Reclaimed Yorkstone Driveway in Rode

Reclaimed Yorkstone driveway with oak posts and cobble edging

This is a beautiful driveway project we completed in Rode using reclaimed Yorkstone, which makes for a stunning and durable surface. We excavated nearly half a meter and laid a Type1 subbase of 150mm.

We also spread 150mm of concrete and compacted it before installing the paving on a full bed of mortar. The Yorkstone paving is mostly 100mm thick and was installed with an oak post perimeter and reclaimed cobbles edging.

Sand and cement were used to joint them, along with an sbr waterproofer. As shown in the 2-year difference between the start and finish pictures, this driveway is super durable and can withstand the weight of an electric Porsche parked on it daily.


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4th May 2023