Landscaping Project in Bath: Leveling, Fence Panels, Paving

Beautifully landscaped garden in Bath with sandstone grey paving, raised planter, and fence panels

Discover our exceptional landscaping project in Bath, completed at the beginning of the year. We transformed the area by meticulously leveling the ground and removing all uneven height changes, ensuring a smooth and visually appealing landscape.

The outdated hedge was replaced with elegant fence panels, adding privacy and a touch of modernity. The top tier of the garden underwent a remarkable transformation as we removed the grass and replaced it with decorative gravel, creating a low-maintenance and visually striking feature.

To enhance the functionality and aesthetics, we installed a raised planter, perfect for cultivating a vibrant vegetable garden. The crowning jewel of this project is the installation of sandstone grey paving, providing a beautiful and inviting space for entertaining guests or simply unwinding.


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15th May 2023